23 July 2020


as the crit looms near
i've been trying to get some more up online for people to see
i'm unsure if i'll share this website or not
more because it's just a little bit rambly and probably a tad boring

but anyway for myself and anyone who may be lurking
i have put up a couple of videos//renders of the flat
i want to think about how this work is going to be shown online
and at the moment it is just in the verge3d software
which is great, but i want there to be accessibility for people who struggle to use it, whether it be due to their browser, or just having issues working the software
so yeah there are going to be a series of videos that work their way around the flat to show off what you would see via the playable element

i have put the first two iterations of these up on my other website
there's a new icon to work you're way to them
but for the impatient
i present

the space is really starting to come together now
there's only one empty room
and the hallway, although that may remain as a plain transitory space
i'm unsure right now once the bathroom space has something in it i'll work it out
then really it's just making sure things are working 
the aim is to get it fairly done for monday, then i want to work on sewing things, letter writing etc.

and if anyone is reading this and has anything they want to say, i'd love to hear, i'm sure i have a contact form on this page, a link to my email is also on the cargo and tomgraystone.eu page

19 July 2020


the root isn't here to feed any head
or tree
for the root is the body
the heart
the mind, the soul

roots reigns supreme
a sprawling mass 
forget the plant for that is just a figurehead
the root is what gives sustenance  


16 July 2020

ref. REF Ref

wanted to share some images i've been looking at over the past couple of days while i think back on what i have been doing over the year, and more so over the last month or so

the oldenberg work is in relation to the earlier soft sculpture work - i dont think i had seen the saw before, although im now comparing that image to how i have the fabric saw appearing on my website, even using very similar colouring 
there's a lot of ideas around space, both gallery and domestic present in all of these - matta-clark's anti-architecture is making me think about how i'm trying to skew what you seen in the home - i guess it makes me think as well what else i could do with the model i have made of my flat - how the whole space can be manipulated as well as just a obscuring or anonymisation of household objects

well i say obscuring - but not everything is related to some kind of real object 
if anything most things are entirely removed - they're just coming from manipulations of basic polygons
its more a matter of projection by the viewer that's assigning any value or meaning to them
i think at this point to me they are becoming this strange collection of vertices, and being viewed in a means that are entirely removed from how someone will see them

and with that being said i need to get more images of the way i am seeing them and manipulating them 

(Michael Asher - Kunsthalle Bern, 1992) 

(Gordon Matta-Clark, Office Baroque, 1977)

(Gordon Matta-Clark, Splitting, 1974)

(Michael Asher, Santa Monica Museum of Art, 2008)

(Claes Oldenberg, Saw, Sawing, 1998)

(Claes Oldenberg, Soft Toilet, 1966)

(Rachel Whiteread, House, 1993-94)

(Senga Nengudi, Nuki Nuki: Across 188th St., 1982)

(Rachel Whiteread,  Untitled (Stairs), 2001)

11 July 2020

still uploading


i actually finally have something up now that is viewable

click what you can and full screen to work
directional keys to move, mouse to change view direction
Online Cookery Classes Available Soon

i mean this is still an early version - i guess it cant be too early now, time is ticking
but it's given me a good chance to work out how to get my animations to interact with verge3d, how to make it interactive - although still have a lot more experimenting to do with that

i do have the concern that the full flat when it is full and there is a whole bunch going on will take quite a lot to run
i think right now i'm just hoping it won't effect user experience, i will run tests before hand though
and i do have a back up plan if it does all start to not properly work

i still need to consider how this can have sound interactions, how to fill cupboards and drawers, or at least what to fill them with

it's a conundrum of deciding between keeping it playable, interactive, and also overloaded
hoping to hit the right point

i was about to end this post, but i guess i want to add one more thing
(and sorry these all drag on)
but i want people to have different experiences of the space, i know some people are going to want to push the limits of the space, whereas others may not delve to deep, i think thats exciting, so i guess its making sure that both can have rewarding experiences of the space
i don't know where i'm going with this so i'm going to stop


06 July 2020


home feels like a funny place to think about relating to rhizomes//rhizomatic space
like it's throwing up this question of is the home a non-hierarchical space?
or do we have to work to make it a rhizomatic space?

because with the tenement in particular you have this hub space of the hallway, it's leading off into all rooms, that although we create routines, there is never a set route through the home
when you travel through the home you are constantly mapmaking rather than tracing this particular line of the map

and i guess the home is heterogenous, it is constantly changing to match the way in which you utilise it

this is all kinda rough and so basic right now - this has been a bit of an aside from blender modelling
i'm going to come back to this later and think it through more, because i think this can start to draw together what at times can feel some what disparate in what i'm doing 

it's becoming a weird amalgamation of ideas around rhizome, home//domestic, some elements to do with video games coming in with the 3D building, and i guess trying to work out how to have audience interaction while in this separated time

more to come

05 July 2020

tenement supplement

quick update for some images

accurate tenement window colour guaranteed

one day you'll be able to walk around

02 July 2020

don't get hit by the door on your way out

i know i'm more than likely the only one reading this
and i mean i don't blame people it's not exactly the most riveting read

but it feels nice to keep adding to this
so i've nearly made the whole flat now
i've got two rooms left to do, but they shouldn't take too long
i just spent some time playing with animating a door and image projection on to walls
its making me think about how to have the rooms
what is going to be in each room

in making the whole flat, i've in effect set myself the task of not only designing the space and what is going into it, but also curating the entire space
and on top of that i should be making physical things to interact with the digital

but the plan at the moment is to get the digital made - then i can look at how i take from the digital and translate into the physical

or at least in keeping with the whole rhizomatic theme - kinda offshoot from digital

i guess this has been a cartographic project - mapping the home
but the home is all a little off
sometimes theres a little gap in between the walls
or the corners are exceptionally sharp
at the moment there's only one door
its all on one floor
but in separate files
i think i must have about 3 copies of each room in very slightly different iterations
although that's reminded me i need to back them up

because if these go missing they aren't regrowing back quickly from the peelings of drawings and screenshots

well there's something i should go do now

also new website page

01 July 2020

the only thing i had unity with was frustration

maybe i'm trying to look too far forward right now, but i've been trying out both unity and verge3D 
unity i tried yesterday, with very little joy - unified i was not
i guess if i was more experience with coding//scripting maybe unity would have made a bit more sense 
but when you try to use a basic first person view asset put together by unity, it feels somewhat surprising when it decides it does not want to even be read
i guess with unity being such a big name i had higher expectations of usability, but that's how it goes sometimes

so come to today - verge3D
i mean i've only been using it for the past hour or so, 
but wow it is so much more user friendly
its a plug-in straight into blender so no playing around moving assets across etc. 
looking through the online tutorials their 'puzzle' system seems to make interactivity seem fairly effortless
within 5 mins of installing it into blender i was able to take the rooms i have made, make a first person camera view and start moving around

so if i was a reviewer - this would be a terrible review - but i'd recommend verge for how easy it is
maybe i'll be cursing it out in a few days when i try to add more to it, but right now i'm feeling very optimistic

1 week old

 i keep saying this but i want to come back to writing for myself - to get thoughts out, or just to think through things through text does t...